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Evan Hawthorn's Blog
(Christian Schloe)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

the return of the ticking shtick, coupled with a ringing knell dispelling fell liberty's brokered bell (a triptych ecliptic)

welcome once again
to the inevitable return
of the rigged and planked,
gigged and cranked,

sinking thinktank tanked,

focus trickled,
spoked and pickled,

dividedly ladled,
proned and fickled,

on the take,
shakily draped,

'we helped',
pride baked,
vampirically staked,

trimmed and tinselled,
tricked out pickings,

something wicked
this way drums,

preeminent ticking shtick;

the zoned twilight's

quadrennial circus
and stroked nightmare
joke on freedom;

that one-way slicked ticket,

forever gaining
a xanax rumbling,
reality tumbling,
panicking momentum

on the magic abiding
rightway slide, 

off the creeping reapers'
deepest end.

place your X
on the slotted line

where the sorted kine
cede blinder-assigned,
pre-aligned compliance.

you can choose your brand,

but policy is always

safely off limits.

two steps removed,
like a cousin from Kentucky.

given the fourth estate's
mainlined, lucre lined
and guilded,
arcaded abdication

passed off as "journalism",

this passes without comment

in the columned credit
of steadily refining
hallowed be our silos
airwave staved, dial piled wiles

all these loathsome decades

since the never cited
slight of purchased berth
hung out its awning

at public relations' dawning
of an all the time fooling,
bordering and ruling,
tool imbuing school

capping their capers
in published memoirs
of that oh! so clever
spellbound selling

to Mr. Wilson's shying,
flag styed sheep

the first of their external
sacrificial concessions
to world war lost;

the very last
plague pledged chalking
on Death stalked,
tech-extincted battlefields,

the final crop
of broken toy soldiers,
banked in their
crossed out and over
heart stopping ranks

in duty's recruited,
profit sopping,
tilled and silled
memorialised millions

before humankind's
second grand failure
opened up the cities

(and eventually,
a mind boggling litany
of destitute,
obliterated villages)

to swelling hell's
tolling for dollars
rolling incineration

where it's getting
so much easier
to lose track
of melted remnants

that recent administrations
gave up the post on ghosted hosts
and simply stopped counting.

hence it's all the rage,
in the heraldry
of decimation's
advancing modern age

to pat science and freedom's
bagged and medalled
desensitised heroes
of countrified "service"

on the blister risking
righted side of mystery's
uniformed back.

for now limitless Profit's
riddled well bred pool
of jingoistic killers,

that oil-sodden,
all mine mine,

that taxed and toxic blind

are olly olly oxen free

in the carelorn
distracted lee
of a stolen
mythical "homeland."

that astonishing
confined space

where a"essential" flocking stock

of "protected"
treason seasoned,
nation hooded patriots

can be persuaded to buy

elections without democracy

over and over
and over

each time more averse,
more shockingly hearsed,
than the rhyme
that went before.

shut up, Tommy!

just keep strumming.

what's the matter?
aw, hell!
you don't have to hear.

just let your
out of step

functioning heart

for it rattles
even the ground,

that pod-seeded,
double headed,
firework treading,
slithery raking snake

feeding the heat's
extincting beat.


and lo!

looming through ominous
Orwellian foreshadows,

far ahead of its time,

what is this
recurrent fell beast?

salivating over

arched and
bloodied bosoms,

throttled throats
salacious tilted slits,

separated families
blown into bits
of bicentennial rust,

of othered flesh
and freedom dust

in grim Dickensian

Democrat culs-de-sac;

in the screened tv
spited light;

paving the lazing haze

of the besting West's
millennium long
crusading craze,

that moralizing daze
so nostalgically
it's latest sanctioned
racist phase;

the progress blessed,
benevolence tressed,

culpability redressed,

industrious obliteration
of vulnerable,

focus brokered,

meaningless victims.

'tis America's paraded,

fĂȘted or fetid,

slated, faded or jaded,

pridefully anticipated,
relentlessly exacerbated,

wading and baited gateness;

never yet sated,

forever unabating;

lurking in the trappings,
the blue light specials
and dystopian gropings,

marked down
in the Trumped debasement
of the smirking and gloating
Freudian gloaming,

by those infotaining,
pleasure paining,
pretty boys and barbies,
ooh!ing and aah!ing
over beauteous sparks

(in blank and fawning

rights blinded sights)

laying in the pioneering

barbed wire ammo
round safe and soundly
twilight gleamed

foaming domed Christendom's
transplanted ramparts

on the veiled

spattered trail
of those upstart
stars and stripes.

'tis the once and future

inventor of whiteness,

the divisor
of 'preemptive' strikes.

"i, too,

was only defending

protecting a perfected
reflectionless predilection

predisposed to my unfortunate
exponential addiction

to good intended fiction's

self medicating,
humanity abdicating,

devotional preventative foresight.

i, too,
was the faultless reactor

to a super powered,
super imposed
fount of mounted
threats from my victims"

quoth Jack the Ripper,

quoth Bonzo's jammied Gipper,

said every
demonized madman
or feticised fascist
you ever heard about;

each competing,
petered out conqueror,
reprimander and thief

saving the world
for the obsessive
pure coupling
of imaginary races

(brave investors all
in unquestioning obedience,

sweeping out the margins
of regimental death

wherever it seeps,

even in those gruesome
warped air
twin Japanese showrooms
gainfully employed
by nuclear genocide's
uninspected trailblazers.)

surely reasoned thus
every "bad apple"
copycat thrust,

from that imaged
in homage

rotting besotted crop
of self-appointed
latent lone wolf
mass destructors

rooting about
the vested and yoked,
choked cherry poked,

god fearing,

rationed compassion,
chosen creeded,
need seeded,

stunting tree

shunned knowledge;

said those
law and order crooning,
colour pruning,
modern day lynching,

insecurity clinching,

haloed jostling posses
militarized police,

the fleecing grease
on the purposed lease
of pale faced freedom's
unrepentant law and order

taking stoic heroic cues
from ram 'em scam 'em
Uncle Sam's
humanity stealing,
crowd appealing,

denial congealed reels;

laced in the traces
of eight hundred
state of the art
inserted dart,
diplomatically pegged,
dynamite kegged
freebased insurrections;

confected in the media's
persuasively invasive,
reverse vectoring,
threat abetting
hectoring projection,

"American" infection;

in cued up children's
emotion heeling,
senses sealing
video games,

the ever widening net
of automatic
sci-fi fantasies,

the unhinged,

and replenishing

virtual unlimiting supply
porno orgy "action" flicks;

the slicked ticking
of shot up stiffs,

friendly fire,
collateral cleansing,

and flippant sips
Texas tea.

coming to a crumbling

theatre near you
after cowardly
fractured remission

(replete with
dancing popcorn,
John Wayne's
good dead indians,
Robocop's mop ups,
and the pitiless wince

Clint Eastwood punchlines)

filling in
the wasted
innocent space

betwixt the local minority
distorting perception
apportioning report

and their slurping
mountain majesties'

impacted redacted
'we own the world'
purchased views
nightly "news";

never forgetting
the kids at home,

delusion indulging,
hormone doping,
army farming,
graphically bulging
comically tragic super heroes

and identity clad,
tasked iron masked,
sporty sorting sorties
to keep Venus
and Mercury
lost in the retrograde
orbits of Mars;

and since nothing can bar
the empire's hardwired
rutting cookie cutter
premolded doldrums
scarring ajar,

hooking barren phonics
on gender ironics,

plunder's Wonder Woman
serving Captain America
a competition fission
of equality's razored curves;

forever on the

twentyfour seven,
one size fits all,
dead man strolling,
reality poling,
dialogue trolling,

piped in sniper ripening,
onward Christian soldiers'

wagered and vetted,
assuredly precedented,

muscling, hustling,
and righteously cowled,

honchoed macho prowl

to blow away
the penniless,

the godless,

the weak
and lamely blameless,

the aimless and the meeklings,

the possessors of inklings,

the unauthorised messengers
of rogue unbridled warcrimes,

the unfawning practitioners
of unAmerican independence,

the insistently merciful,

the unrich and unfamous,
inexplicably unambitious,

and all those
other than,
otherwise un-right

authority plated 'bad guys'

wherever they're not
already expunged,

left outside
a progressively shameless,
amnesiac and frame-less,

soulless, starless midnight's

brighter than white
utterly useless


as another demoralising,
absurdity wallowing,
zillion dollar swallowing,

monstrously extended
autumn unfolds,

as the mind bending,
viral spiraled,
falling pall foretolls,

what is this repellent fell beast?

endlessly spewing up

the same coaxing hoax
again and again
and again?

'tis the latter day revivification
of hooded domi-nation's
indentured, far right
and dented centre

night of the unliving
emotive fractious teaming
of the already dead

in deposed liberty's split spitting image;

Rumpelstiltskin's eavesdropping
lavished plush donkeys
wiggling their photoshopped ears

cornering the militant markets
on unthinking foreigner fears;

evidence skimping, romancing assassins
pimping hard to get hardened spies;

closeted judges colluding security's
fitting of justice with Frankenstein's eyes;

parroting patrols of airbrushed carrots,
a generalised run on sadistic hunks,

and stone bled, well fed demeanours
in bellicose veins and oarless trunks;

a dash of psychopathic paranoia
slipped from isolation's shelf;

and a grandiose infatuation
focused on the self;

boards of directing predators
scoring their hoardings
of by the sword spores;

billionaire editors
directing the censors
and the journalistic fakery
of war enabling whores;

Bluebeard's zombie legions
of corporate operatives
eviscerating "liberal" cores,

and the secretive service
of swinging politicians
through profit's whispering doors;

this and all the flinged bling in it,

even unto Hollywood's
crowning of "good" itself;

the rosed, pedalled and posed
blithe writhing sides
in that multi-bedded, dread steading,
presumptive consumptive
revolving feast

(and the incessant
play by play
patriot yeast)

turning inside out
on Mother Earth's

freedom paned
savagely ordained
infernal global firing range,

coming home to roost.


- Evan Hawthorn, the 25th of July, 2019

Sunday, July 21, 2019


and some love
so borderlessly,

that they're
quite overwhelmed

by the unexpressed
weight of sadness

again and again.

and some are moved
to question
the starkly marked

of the very first leaves
of the desert primates'
oh! so popular
handbook of justification,

when their imaged "lord"
gave them "for their use"
the hosts of other life forms,
right off the freakin' bat.

they may even go so far
as to question the right
to "break in" a horse,

to confine their lives,
and their choices,

in the primate's
so tidily arranged
self-containing boxes.

these strange people
may look at a picture
like this,

and see a loving horse,
deeply loving its captor

(because love,
in its nature,
demands expression,

even when all
the doors are closed),

having long since accepted
that the primate's way
is the way their life must be;

that the question of ownership
is freedom's
grandest elephant,

that never seems to leave
the primate loomed "room".


- Evan Hawthorn, the 21st of July, 2019

Friday, May 31, 2019

rule of law (the slipped gauntlets of anger's jealous god); <*>>> a meme-posed prosing of loaded questions <<<*>

and would that be
the very same,
profit curbed,
barbed preserve of privilege

"rule of law"

along with its
precedent abetting,
sun at last setting,
rebellion ceding,
dialect weeding,
shadow pleating
mentors in crime,

wiped out an
uncountable multitude
of unexplored
languages and cultures

(in natural company
with a ghosted host
of unlooked for treasures
and cures to diseases),

whilst warping, enslaving,
and downtroddening
the unimagined futures
of abducted and exploited
interrupted generations

of unrecognised relations?

surely the same haloed
broken taillight,
lynched, penned and juried,
minority quelling "rule of law"
with the dawning
of intervention awnings
in that Twain awakening
Philippine "liberation" massacre

boded the greatest degeneration
of obscene wealth veneration's
hitherto bloodiest century,

ushering in an unparalleled
international crime spree

(causing Noam Chomsky
to matter-of-factly observe
"if the Nuremberg laws were applied,
then every post-war American president
would have been hanged.")

doubtless, then,
the proclaimed selfsame,
strangely embedded,
spearhead "spreaded"
tooled and ruled "law"
the kept media so meticulously
fails to fathom

in the Grim Reaper's lockstep
ministries of dashed hopes
perennially sprouting
sepulcher seeds
of bipartisan blissed,
profit blasting
amassings of misery,

offensively intensed,
fenced and recompensed
by the "only essential"
Godfather of organised terror

relentlessly brandishing
his 'exceptional'
whack-a-mole hammer and scythe

from the self-appointed
leaders of the free world's
denying choice to others
example thwarting arsenal

bristling with
righteous pirate,
punch-drunk Pilate,
starvation sanctions,
coups, and outright

down through
battered and blistered
encrypted history's

collusion dictated,
technology exacerbated,
blanket infectioned,
selectively inspectioned,
insurrection confectioned,
(election correctioned)
we know what's best for you
string of lauded,
creased and pocketed,
'right-sided' decades

managing to rid that
patriotically impaired,
mined and mined,
pared from shared,
rocket red glared
"global battlefield"
millions of "collateral",
margined, and shunted,
voiceless and choiceless
humane beings
and othered living things

in those myriad
kaleidoscope tinted,
refugee tented,
element stripped,
brotherhood skipped,
disrespected homelands

from the very inception
of its presumption blessed,

firework fluted,
independence repossessed,

blood stained,
freedom waned,


forted day
and gluttony knighted

hate reigning rain.

but surely,
even reclusive apparitions
of gated aliens on Mars
(at least the curious ones
with perking antennae)

must have noticed by now,

like a slow falling shoe
from some
dragging heeled limbo,

lying in fate sated wait
for the sixth little piggy's
home to roost karma,

Manifest Destiny's
myth soaked,
Hollywood cloaked,
pride stroked,
machismo poked,

heroically invoked,

power addicted,

whiteness inflicted
(and complacently depicted),

"intelligence" conflicted,

toasted boasting
"good guy" guised eyes
beamed and moated,
anoint the "bad guys",

make our day/
lives of the rich and famous,
they hate us for our freedom,
might makes all the rights,

media constructed
Frankenstein heir apparent;

that "protection" racket
bracketing distraction;

that poster child
for Wee Willy Syndrome;

that Grand Poobah
of delusion's illusion,

the abdicated media's
ticket to ride register
that never stops ringing,

the preening and strutting,
curtain congealing
Buffoon of Oz himself

ALREADY TOOK those freakin' gloves off!

THAT's the clinching reason
the domination bidding,
Wall Street stoic,
threat ridden and paranoiac,
sociopathic establishment's
immaculately funded,
planked and choreographed,
right thinking and tanking,
rank flanking consortium
resistance/persistence "Democrats",
faith based factless "liberal" acolytes,
culpability redacting dictationers,
syncopated and trolling
'practical' practitioners,
assassins, spies,
broken imploding generals,
armchair testosterone hankerers,
mongering stenographers,
regime creaming cheerleaders,
and all those hoi alloyed boy toyed
bleached and bubbleheaded mouthpieces

are so very disconcerted.

you thought
it was OUR "interests"

the blinding and binding,
fleeced world "policing",
defensively genocidal,
night of the unliving
McCarthy regurgitated,
traitor baited, patriot plated,
'progressively' possessive
popular-azzi had in mind?


there is no choice
in the plaqued
lack thereof.

the self choosing
"chosen" uppity primates,
so myopically aware of their
scaled and hailed
unequaled awareness,
made in the image
of teaming's imperious
and segregational
godly imagined-"nation"
ironically twisting
question is,

will the invention
of television,

with its blaringly incessant
appearance focused,
simplistic and hocused,
compulsive identification,
consumptive isolation,
reason compartmentalised,
context buried,
sound bitten
and sense fragmented,
compassion stilled,
commonality abandoned,
need drilled,
pandered, dandered,
and killing field frilled

branding of "American culture",

and lining of all that sand

turn out to actually
be responsible

for the banged,
drawn out,
pitifully whimpered

end of humankind's

eternally clueless,
savagely rueless,

empathically rootless,
mind-bendingly fruitless

blink of an eye sojourn

on its mother's only earth?

- Evan Hawthorn, the last fay slant of a Maying's frayed rays2019

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

will spring ever come? *~*<<<<*>*<<<*~*>>>*<*>>>>*~* (a flight of observance, told in a raven's scolding)

as sure as April rains,

as the sewed in,
power obsessed owners
of patriot trademarked
stalking freedom

tax for lavished war
their wealth possessed,
obscenely weaned quorum
denial besotted flocks,

the stumped,
wedged and pumped

round the clock bubbling
is again dredging up

from the seemingly endless
well meaning well,

in its dim lit chamber of echoes,

another ladling of liberal lament

bewailing the fall
U.S Empire.

for apparently,
it's not 
what it used to be.

yet a concentrically eccentric,

next door to a hermit,
unbanded unAmerican,
treasonous bereasoned,

"radical" and Kremlin
usefully tooled,
neigh braying and fay,
rare bird confidant

feels compelled by the nature
propelling him to ask

how could a 
"civilised country"

ever become an empire


how can the pored in chorus
of flag styed, smug plugged,

essential congratulence
fail to notice
the scads of scoreless nations

for instance,
Vietnam or Bolivia,
Haiti or Cuba,
Lesotho or Iran)

that left off bullying
nigh on centuries past

secured by the
hundredth monkey
universe quilted,
astonished maturity,

never sought to subjugate
the children of earth's
mirth embarked,
malarkey quarked playground;

that somehow manage

to get along,
levelling with their neighbors

without ever attacking
any of those other
ailing simian societies
afflicted with
nationhooded parasites;

without once stringing up
Bill Clinton's
skull and crossbones,

claiming now and forever
the right to weaponize
their adhering interference
in other peoples' pocket books;

that somehow failed to build

comparable parables
to the capital of capitals'

flanked, embanked cathedrals,

enshrining the consigned,
lucre lording shining sees
ruthlessly canonized
by never sated

erected with the most

inhuman form of slavery
despise ever devised

on those freedom zoned,

unmarked mass graves
of their
"decorous and praiseworthy"

welcoming hosts?


resigning ourselves
to a mandatory
early retirement
greatest degeneration
in that Bonnie and Clyde
sidewinding Century
of internationally organised,
staggering, flagrant crime;

resolving to not merely
stand by and watch
its inevitable collapse
in a karma coalesced,
stone age cratering,
unprovoked transgression
upon itself

but to actively abet
a final calling off
of the relentlessly revolving,
remorselessly absolving
freeing of conscience
spreeing of mass murder;

dissolving the appalling
grim reign of terror
of what our holy soulful
dream caller called

"the greatest purveyor
of violence in the world"

(just before the CIA
arranged his crucifixion)

sounds like an

a celestial unravelling;

like a manna from some
undisclosed heaven,

ineffably leavening idea to me.

it would open the floodgates,
diverging the splurging coffers
from the devil's hymnalled anvil

of Congressional relishing,
Commonwealth impoverishing,
coveted conqueror's playthings,

and pay all the bills
barring our future;

resetting the end times energy grid,

cascading over the firewalls
turreting health care,

weighing anchor to sever
that clever insurance
of the sinked in sync
rusted links

yoking knowledge
to servitude's vassalage

thrice times over

rebellious winged angels
desert their
angry jealous god,

laying down their mufflers,
their buffers
and their arms

to suffer the study

(and rote moated vote)

of war no more.

it would leave us all free
to discover how democracy
might actually function

(if it had aught to do
with meaning or context
and wasn't just a matter
of affirming or denying

the hard wired casting
of fandom's tandem,
and lamenting,
laminated roles.)

it would mean
stepping out
of the shadows


cruel winter
of blinds drawn,
self focus cloaked,

insecurity stoking,
independence bejoked,

tender mercy shied,
sided pride deified,

gun slinging
freedom wringing,


national insanity

of par for the voiceless
(per force of course)



brothers and sisters

all around a profit searing,
insect clearing,
conquest weary world.

that same oarless ark
the elephants and asses

joined lockstep 
trunks and hooves

(like an unhinged pair
of palm rubbing,
pussy stroking,
chortling Bond villains)

to maniacally expropriate
as their
"eternal global battlefield";

that same fragile

nurturing orb
an arch, rogue,

brazenly lawless,
presumptive paranoiac,
self appointed "policeman"

has run roughshod over
for scored and increasingly

tearful fear fulfilling years,

who can do
what where when;

sanctifying the gangland
lingering starvation
of our mother's other children
with a Herod embarrassing
venomous aplomb

until whatever representative
of whichever monied gaggle
currently pulling the strings
of their struggling parents'
stretched neck of the woods

knuckles under,
forks over,
or falls in line;

until the CIA contrives
a convincing way
to con the consumers
of the 
grand white sway

that it's time for yet another

security fomented,
media stabled,
benevolent freedom round
dead in the womb spreading,
despair embedding,

independence shredding,

dropping of bombs

factories and weddings,

on playgrounds and schools,

in bloodspilling pools
of depleted uranium
and bystanding animals,

on those imaginary battlefields
heliotropic goldfish
patriotic people
persist in pretending still exist,

all crowning

that railed and sainted
deranged manger
of compartmentalised,
brotherhooding good.


or maybe i've misread
the springing forward
bejesus's daylights clock

and it's only time
to jump the gun,

for a splinter of discontent
competition scolding,
silk road trolling,
flinging of Asian "pivots";

or a golden oldie stroll
through an eerily similar
of indian summer,

those flogging dog days
rolling round again,


a nightly raided,
crusade waded
laden Middle East

or a self reliance styled,
diplomacy reviled,
law and liberty exiled,
Wild Wild West

what could possibly be the difference?

and yet, mayhaps,
on the other fist,
impatience is a' wastin'
for a fly by night

of the always in season
though never advertised,
elemental "developing"
of mined and d
betrayed and raped Africa;

or departing that station,

an exporting distortion
field day
holiday from geography
auld lang syne's
entrenched fencing pageant
with that entire hemisphere
stylishly beliberalled
Camelot itself

was convinced
must be somewhere
in its stoned
and boned

but most likely, though,

(least like like of all),

they'll stumble into
the next rescheduled
routine observance
of those timed, warned,
horned and scorned
"threatening" places

where brave "protection"
bristles its progressively

suicidal troops
in comparative worth dangling,
smartly strangling nooses

strung along other peoples'
disrespected borders

(which telling projection,

bracketed in distraction,

given Hollywood's
entertaining containments
of munificent confection,

blithely, good guyly,
red hate and blue plate,
morally divided subjects
are apparently
incapable of noticing.)


and lo!

all these ritually ignored,
religiously abhorred,
collaterally stored

fellow human beings
in the 
colonial courted,
NATO bowered,
right indicted
hunting grounds

afraid to seek out
their own forms
of government;

afraid not to trickle
their profits to that sickle;

afraid to not obey
the "consensus" dictates
of freedom's 
celebrated owners;

and even the people
of colour amoungst us,
forced to subsist

as hyphenated
in their own home

(the same defaming,

tamed for framing,
limited edition "homeland"
that refuses to

recognise them);

terrified lest 
a tail light go out,
bringing on their children's
law abided murder,

knowing, after all this time,

there's still no proven way
to defend their darlings'
precious life

from America's

incited freedomed rites.

and yet, presumably,
in that Caesar rendering
rugged and tugged party line
unacquaintance with irony,

the wall street
regime exchange
less is more practical
democracy sabbatical
assassin and spy
faith based fretwork

with its manacled press
of "liberal Americans"

find time to peer
under wiretapped rocks
disruptive lurking

apparently jealous
of the versified rivalries
serving the establishments'
competing ministries
of exclusive intrusive
of thee we sing truth;

exponentially fanning
the censor's aimed flames
of a Freudian and Faustian
McCarthy revival
and zombie clambake,

Super Power
Super Suspicious,

ravenously attritious,

angst over undo influence.


and then commenced
plume grooming,
flea exhuming,
gossamer pause

in that diaphanous
and timeless,
place without space

the graces always fill
reflective silence.

the rare bird
me again,

in James the Queenly
King's English,

as he patiently

from that unflinching,
tree clinging perch

betwixt the barked
and creaking leaks
of a crook
benooked rookery;

a crowded shroudery
of breached birches,
preaching larches
scorched and torturous,
swinging doored porches,

fixing me all the while
with a cocked and quirky tilt
to his light glanced eye,

confidingly sliding
his grasp

for a clasp of the conscience
proffered on my shoulder,

he's quite gone off
his erstwhile repertoire;
that sharp
and then melodious,
delicate shuffling
of intuitive and rasping
enigmatic tweets

since the advent
of a stage strutting,
consummate incarnate
manifestly destined
profit driven Frankenstein

slurped up the chirping airwaves

in a spired, conspired,
breathlessly attended,
lurching besmirching,

wham damned,
and trunked,

looming curtained
and oligarch starched

fixed bid to redefine them.)

verily, verily,

(he suggested unto me)

for all of the myriad

connected, unprotected,


hopeful living things

that wouldst actually matter

hadst thy plundering ancestors
providentially pioneered
a benevolence seeking beacon

to shelter and husband
the faintest glint
of an unstintingly

"civilised" world,

the falling of this
besting, vested,

racist, placist,

(at its birth,
out of its tree)

forever preening
the teeming
of its meaning,

the seeding
of its own

utterly psychotic

locked in its eternal
binary refinery
of a trillion dollar
identity politics

(policy off limits)

contest of polarity,
patriot belligerence,
popular impairity
privileged semantics

decanting antics
shell game;

drowning out

sane empathy's
last frantic chances

with an endless charade
of twenty four seven
blaring nonsense;

all that din
about winning,

about the 
tinned spin of sinning,

about nothing that feels,

or is actually real

on those left and right speakered,
choreographed and blinkered,
redacted or regurgitated
ghost ridden reels

save the slimly trimmed
tightly reined spectrum

emotionally baited,
loudly divisive
internal social issues

the powers that own
allow their hoard

of boarded broadcasters
to float on their
stolen from the Commons air

(tinselled and tarted out
as yet more competitive fare);

teaming into ferocious
taken sides
who left the oven on
down the street

whilst the rambling,

cobbled and hobbled,
rammed and shackled,
primate house divided

burns down around them;

as whiling and 
their bereft pinioned wing,
those lavishly funded,
liberal minded,
skillfully lightened,
tooth brightened heroes
pretend to "resist"

the unremitting evil

their dumbed and thumbed,
war drums

under the gums,
pandered and praised,
ante raised

unanimous animosity
perennially spews...

(at this point,
sputtering and croaking
with all his mighted sight,

fluttering my heart
with his
heart thumped breast,

preparing to return
to a context
still remembered,
blessed bliss caressing,

amber glazed
azure sky,

in a filiblustered

determined to untether

all his ruffled
blocked flockings
of a druthered
whethered feather,

the wise old bird
delivered his
vexed summation.)

the fall of the U.S Empire

would be a
 reason to ring
the practically atrophied,
cracked and rusted,
rarely dusted bells

of humanity's
long dreamed of
yet never expected,


freely gifted,
radically drifted,

living blossomed spring.

it might even stop
the race to extinction
in the nick


apparently random

preternaturally lethal
for every other
species on the planet,

deftly shafting,
daftly wafting,

almost left
too late
to be rafting,

progressively receding,
rebel flower weeding,
separation creeding,

forever rebeading
the stringing
of its needing,

dandelion bleeding,

next door to fell abandonment,

sand branding time.

- Evan Hawthorn, the tithings of April, 2019